K.I.S.S. your website and it will not fail!K.I.S.S. your website and it will not fail! – Most have heard the acronym K.I.S.S. by now but for those who have not it means keep it simple stupid. This works very well with websites. Some of the most visited websites on the planet are very simple. I imagine that most of you readers are looking to use your website as a marketing tool. One of the worst things anyone can do when marketing is to over complicate. Grabbing attention and holding it is key to a successful marketing campaign. This can be done with simplicity better than it can be done with confounding. Below are some elements that we find to over complicate websites and can hinder your online marketing results.

  1. Too many graphics and images. This will jumble up important content with unrelated content. Most readers make a decision whether to stay on your webpage or not within seconds. Get your important information top center and easily recognized.
  2. Too much text in too many areas. Present one topic at a time. It is okay to have multiple topics on the same page but keep them separated with negative space.  Keep your information organized within pages and link to those pages with the menu or links within other pages. Organize the information so that it flows well and stays on topic within that space. Allow the reader to consume your content in an orderly fashion that does not overwhelm or confuse. There is nothing wrong with having negative or white space.
  3. Too much flash. Some of the big “no”s these days are popups, scrolling text and flashing graphics. Having a little motion on your page is not an issue. Having too much can be distracting.
  4. Color coordination faux pas. You know that sweater your uncle wears every winter? The one with the green, orange and red stripes? Yeah well colors that simply do not work well together still do not work well together when they are on your website. Websites are very similar to homes. Neutral’s can work for your website as well. A little splash of color isn’t always bad though. Unfortunately colors in general fall within the “tastes” category. You will need some taste to color coordinate a website with your new logo.
  5. Too many menus. I have seen websites that had three menus all going to the same thing. Generally speaking having one menu is less confusing. Placing it up top is the ideal place because it provides immediate access to your visitors. The more traditional left or right menu is not completely bad so long as the most important links are at the top.

K.I.S.S. your website and it will not fail! I promise it will not. However jumble it up and see how many visitors want to clean your website to find your socks!